New Spring Seeds by Botanical Interests at SummerWinds 
SummerWinds carries over 400 seeds from
Botanical Interests, including Heirloom and Organic
vegetable, herb and flower seeds


  • Untreated & Guaranteed - the germination rate of every variety is tested before it is packaged
  • GMO Free - we enthusiastically signed the SAFE SEED PLEDGE:  we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants
New Seeds for 2014: Edibles 
Heirloom Tomatoes 
Artichoke - Green Globe Improved
Bean Bush - Jade
Bean Broad Fava - Sweet Lorane (Organic)
Beet - Chioggia (Heirloom)
Cucumber English - Telegraph (Improved)
Cucumber Persian - Baby
Melon - Papaya Dew
Micro Greens - Peas for Shoots
Mustard - Florida Broadleaf (Heirlom)
Mustard Spinach - Tendergreen (Heirloom)
Okra - Red Burgundy
Pepper Chile Jalapeno - Jalafuego
Squash Summer - Cube of Butter
Squash Winter - Sweet Dumpling
Tomato Pole - Pineapple

Jalapeno Peppers 
New Seeds for 2014: Flowers 
Salvia - Early Bonfire  Chocolate Flower - (Native)
Daisy - Yellow Buttons (Heirloom)
Datura - Angel’s Trumpet (Heirloom)
Heliotrope - Dwarf Marine
Impatiens - Summer Snow
Lupine - Pixie Delight (Heirloom)
Marigold French - Lemon Drop (Heirloom)
Mina Lobata - Spanish Flag (Heirloom)
Nicotiana - Longsdorff’s Tobacco (Heirloom)
Prairie Splendor - Assorted Genera & Species (Native Midwest)
Penstemon - Dazzler Blend
Poppy - California Dwarf
Poppy - Lauren’s Grape
Salvia - Early Bonfire
Texas Bluebonnet -
Sandyland Bluebonnet (Native)
Texas Bluebonnet - Sundial Lupine (Native)
Zinnia - Northern Lights Blend
Zinnia - Solar Flare Blend

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